Let's Talk SHOES!!!!

Let's talk SHOES!

I love a pair of high heels. My friends always ask me, "How can you walk in those or even dance all night in high heels?".

So this week, I wanted to give my blog readers some tips on how to properly wear high-heels and be comfortable.

Always wear the right size.

Feet swell when wearing shoes for a long time, if your heels are tight to begin with, then after a few hours of wearing them your feet will be in trouble.

Choose a bit of a platform.

A thin sole will most likely cause pain for the bottom of your foot.  A platform in the front reduces the incline of your foot, making the shoe more comfortable all around.

Lead with your thighs.

It gives your heels a break.

Wedges or Strappy heels are the most comfortable.

Wedges are great because of its wider base and a strappy heel always gives that extra ankle support. 

Hope this tidbit of info helps you when picking out your next high-heel shoe!

"The higher the heel, The closer to God"

Debra Moore

High-Flautin Boutique