• Bring on the Sunshine and Summertime!

    Bring on the Sunshine and Summertime!

    When the sun gets hotter, the sleeves come off and the shades go on.  Here at High-Falutin Boutique we have exactly what you’re looking for that summer vacation or daytrip to the beach. Blue hues are a staple for this season, and what better way to show off those tanned shoulders in our “Bold and Blue” Romper or “Take a Trip” Top! Ladies, summertime shade is a MUST, whether coming from our trusty rhinestone glasses or our new, fun and funky floppy hat. We are ready to help you look your hottest for the hottest months for the year.

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  • Spring Has Sprung

    Spring Has Sprung! Are you ready for Spring fashion to make an appearance in your wardrobe again? We are loving the new styles and new looks coming in for Spring.

    Some Spring staples are a flowing maxi dress, paired with sandals, silky tank tops, and lightweight flowing tops. Warmer temperatures call for bronze skin and shorts.

    According to In Style Magazine, some of the top Spring colors for this year are Rose Quartz, Peach, Lilac Grey, Iced Coffee, Buttercup, Fiesta, Green Apple, and Shades of Blue.  So be on the the lookout for these colors in our store.

    Spring is another reminder that it is time for salads, water, and exercise. Look good and feel good in everything you do. That ray of sunshine is on YOU!

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  • Fringe is Back!

    Fringe is back and it is in......but was it really ever out? 

    Fringe first became fashion in the 1920s, the "Flapper Look".  Of course, fringe evolved with the time and people associated fringe with hippies, cowboys, and Native Americans.  When I was a little girl, I had a shirt and a dress that had fringe on it. I would twirl around to make it move. I think I might have even walked side to side with a little more attitude to make the fringe move. Fringe just isn't just for hippies and cowboys. Fringe can be casual and classy. Check out our current selection of apparel and jewelry. Get your fringe flowing!

    Debra Moore

    Norma J. Hesseltine

    High-Falutin Fashion Boutique

    Fashion is what you buy, Style is what you do with it!


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  • Let's Talk SHOES!!!!

    Let's talk SHOES!

    I love a pair of high heels. My friends always ask me, "How can you walk in those or even dance all night in high heels?".

    So this week, I wanted to give my blog readers some tips on how to properly wear high-heels and be comfortable.

    Always wear the right size.

    Feet swell when wearing shoes for a long time, if your heels are tight to begin with, then after a few hours of wearing them your feet will be in trouble.

    Choose a bit of a platform.

    A thin sole will most likely cause pain for the bottom of your foot.  A platform in the front reduces the incline of your foot, making the shoe more comfortable all around.

    Lead with your thighs.

    It gives your heels a break.

    Wedges or Strappy heels are the most comfortable.

    Wedges are great because of its wider base and a strappy heel always gives that extra ankle support. 

    Hope this tidbit of info helps you when picking out your next high-heel shoe!

    "The higher the heel, The closer to God"

    Debra Moore

    High-Flautin Boutique


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  • Fashion is what you buy, Style is what you do with it!

         So many times it is so easy to just buy what is put together on a mannequin. But try something a couple of pieces and make your own outfit using your style.  

         Summer is in full swing. Colorful or sleeveless and definitely lightweight will keep you cool. If you don't feel cool, you should definitely look cool. So add  a cool hat like a fedora and some fun sunglasses and don't forget the sparkly jewelry.  It's so important to keep your skin hydrated and glowing this summer.  I have recently been using a mixture of Vitamin E lotion and Cocoa Butter for really smooth skin. Be mindful of your summer feet. Wearing sandals for long period of time can dry them out , so make sure to get a pedicure every couple of weeks or if you are handy with pedicure tools....give yourself a pedicure. Pick a really bright color of polish.  It will make you happy every time you look down at your feet!!!

         Have a great week!!!! Check in soon for our next blog message!



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